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Great Activities to Enjoy in the Spring in Barcelona

Spring in Barcelona

The weather is warming up and it is finally spring in Barcelona! It’s time to shake off those heavy winter coats and scarves and get outside. It’s the perfect time to take a trip to Barcelona and make the most of the beautiful weather. Whether planning a solo trip, romantic getaway, family vacation, there is so much to see and do in the spring in Barcelona. Grab your walking shoes and get ready to enjoy the fresh, spring air and all that Barcelona has to offer!

Enjoy the spring sunshine

Spring in Barcelona

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Why not take advantage of Barcelona’s Mediterranean climate and see the city in style? Check out the amazing views from the Montjuïc Telefèric, a cable car that stretches over the city, giving you a bird’s-eye view of Barcelona. The end of the ride will leave you at the top of Montjuïc Mountain, where you can spend hours strolling through the gardens, perusing museums, or discovering the history of Montjuïc Castle. If heights aren’t your thing, zip along Barcelona’s port in Las Golondrinas, a boat tour to show you Barcelona by sea. In fact, there are different tours depending on what kind of experience you want to have. However, each one will show you the beautiful port and let you catch a little bit of sunshine. And of course, renting a bike is always a top choice in Barcelona! Take a bike to the beach, any of the parks, or simply around the city to enjoy the fresh air.

Family-friendly activities

There’s a reason families love Barcelona! With so many attractions and activities to entertain adults and kids alike, spring in Barcelona is an exciting time. Families love attractions like the aquarium, zoo, and trips to the parks. Additionally, many of Barcelona’s museums are designed with kids in mind, like CosmoCaixa. Explore the world of science in interactive exhibits, take a walk through a simulated rain forest, and discover natural history like never before. Museu Blau also offers families an interesting and educational look at the natural world of science. With an impressive permanent collection and rotating temporary exhibits, there is always something to see and explore.

Spring in Barcelona also means warm, sunny weather, so the whole family can fully enjoy the city’s green spaces. There are several parks throughout Barcelona that offer kids room to play and paths for biking and rollerblading. There are many cultural events during the weekends in Barcelona’s public parks, so keep your eyes open for great family fun!

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Culture galore

Spring in BarcelonaFestivals, fairs, and celebrations are the best part of spring in Barcelona! One celebration you won’t want to miss is the Feria de Abril de Catalunya, which recreates Seville’s iconic celebration in Barcelona. Flamenco music, dancing, tasty foods, and a vibrant atmosphere await you! Fira de la Terra and Feria BioCultura are festivals that celebrate  healthy lifestyles, sustainability, and organic food. You don’t want to miss these fairs!

Lastly, if the arts are more your style, DocsBarcelona, a documentary film festival, Primavera Sound, a six-stage musical festival, and Festival Internacional de Poesia take place every spring in Barcelona. Music, poetry, dance, and film are just a few of the things that you can discover at some of Barcelona’s numerous festivals. Moreover, many are are free or low-priced, so pick your adventure and go!

Foodie family fun

For families that love to explore local cuisine and see the sights, Food Lover Tour is the answer! Our Sweets Lover Tour and our Market Lover Tour take you around Barcelona to see its authentic side. While strolling the beautiful streets of Barcelona, you will sample typical foods, local treats, and yummy delicacies! These kid-friendly tours are so much fun that you and your little ones will love every moment. Spring in Barcelona is such a special time, so come celebrate it with Food Lover Tour!