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Foodies like you & me – Lucy Earnshaw, fashion, beauty and food blogger

Foodies like you and me - Lucy Earnshaw

Lucy Earnshaw in Barcelona - © Lucy EarnshawLucy is an British fashion and beauty blogger who also happens to love food and write about it! Lucy did the Tapas Lover Tour and posted an article on her beauty and food blog Lucy Loves. As she describes herself, she’s a Job Operations Manager by day, Blogger by night.


In your opinion, what do all ‘foodies’ have in common?

The obvious love of food and a passion for going out of their way to find the best kind of it!

Name 5 essential ingredients in your kitchen that you can’t live without.

I only need one: my husband (he does all the cooking!)

What is your all-time favorite food?

Lasagne. It’s been a favourite since I was a child! It can be hard to get right but having an Italian Nonna-in-Law means I’ve been able to eat all the families different variations of it!

 All ‘foodies’ have guilty secrets, what food that you absolutely cannot live without makes you feel guilty?

It has to be Biscoff Spread. It tastes just like the little Biscoff biscuits you get served alongside coffee in a lot of places, but in a spread form, total sugar hit and definitely not the healthiest thing to eat on a crumpet (but by far the nicest!)

Describe the most amazing culinary experience that you’ve ever had.Catalan Anchovies and Olives - Tapas Lover Tour - © Lucy Earnshaw

Besides the Tapas Tour it was probably in Ox Pastures Hall Hotel in Scarborough recently, the menu was carefully thought out with all senses catered for.

The lamb dish was cooked in hay, and a dish of hay was brought with it, and then was wet and dry ice came from it, so not only was it visual it also released a soft aroma of hay too.

They also created the best finish to a meal with a eucalyptus flavour cream based dessert that was dropped into dry ice to freeze it and then served straight away, was a version of a very cold macaron.

Have you ever eaten at a top-ranked restaurant? Which one?Lucy in front of La Pedrera in Barcelona - © Lucy Earnshaw

No famous ones, a few with Michelin stars but no one that sticks out to me. I was luckily enough to have Omar Alibhoy cook the biggest paella I have ever seen for me and a few guests last year though.

You did the Tapas Lovers Tour with us, what was the most memorable thing about it?

Besides the amazing gastronomic end, it was discovering food I’d tried before and disliked, and loving it, I’m now a big anchovy fan thanks to being persuaded to try them again!


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All pictures: © Lucy Earnshaw