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A Food Lover’s Guide to the Best Food in Granada

The best food in Granada!

Great news, food lovers! Food Lover Tour is now in Granada, a city full of culture, history, and delicious food. Granada is famous for its unique approach to dining, since many of its tapas bars will give you a free tapa with every drink! It’s a great way to taste a variety of tasty tapas on the cheap, all while enjoying a night out. Since there are so many gastronomic delights that await you, we want to recommend you some of the best food in Granada that you absolutely can’t miss out on. Try these traditional dishes to get to the heart of Granada’s cuisine and culture.

Jamón de Trevélez

Jamón de Trevélez is considered to be one of the best foods in Granada!

Photo by vanaclocha on VisualHunt

Jamón de Trevélez is the preferred Spanish ham in Granada, as this high-quality ham comes from the southeast of the province. The tiny village of Trevélez has less than 1000 inhabitants but produces the best Spanish ham in Granada. It’s deep red in color and marbled with white fat, which enhances the flavor and the texture. The secret to this ham is that the pigs are raised at very high altitude, as Trevélez is the highest town in Spain. The altitude then affects the curing process, giving the ham a flavor that is distinct from all other Spanish hams. With no preservatives added during the curing process, which is between 14-24 months, the result is a natural, delicious ham.


Tortilla de Sacromonte

For those with an adventurous palate and really want to immerse themselves in Granada’s cuisine, you should try tortilla de sacromonte. This isn’t your average omelette, as it is prepared using sheep or cow brains, testicles, and possibly other kinds of organs. While this dish may not appeal to all, it is a treat that the locals love, especially in the Sacromonte neighborhood. Legend has it that this dish developed due to economic reasons, as ingredients like brains are much cheaper than more ideal cuts of meat. If you really want to eat like a local, be brave and try this traditional dish!


Pipirrana, a dish included in the best food in Granada

Photo by Pablo Monteagudo on VisualHunt

Pipirrana is a popular dish in Andalusia, and certainly among the best food in Granada in the hot summer months. This cold salad, is healthy, delicious, and quite simple, all factors in its popularity. Chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and other veggies are mixed together with tuna, olive oil, vinegar and spices to create this refreshing dish. Pipirrana has several variations, but all of which are quite simple to make and based on the same ingredients. Want to try your hand at Spanish cooking? Check out this recipe of authentic pipirrana!

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Pan de Alfacar

Spaniards love their bread, and around Granada Pan de Alfacar is king. This bread hails from Alfacar, a village in Granada that is in the northeast of the region. It has been made using the same traditions for more than 500 years! Pan de Alfacar can come in several different shapes and sizes, but is prepared using the same mother dough, in all cases. Simple ingredients and a long fermentation process are the keys to this bread’s delicious taste, aroma, and texture. It’s denomination of origin ensures that all the ingredients are natural, only the good stuff. Many Spaniards say that they can’t eat without bread, and most eat bread at every meal. Bread is used as a tool, to sop up an sauce, to help push your food onto your fork, and catch every bit of food odd your plate. Bread is essential, and Pan de Alfacar is one of the best foods in Granada for this reason.


Olives and olive oil create the best food in Granada!

Photo by byb64 on VisualHunt

Spanish cuisine wouldn’t be what it is today without olives and olive oil. Olive oil is the base of most Spanish dishes and the backbone of traditional cooking. Olives go back thousands of years in Andalusia, and some of the finest grow right in Granada. Legend says that the goddess Athena struck the earth with a spear, and from it sprung the first olive tree, a gift to the Mediterranean. Olives to eat are harvested in the fall and then cured and marinated according to many different recipes. The remaining olives ripen in the winter, when they reach maturation and turn black. After the harvest, they are sent to be pressed and turned into Spain’s internationally-known olive oil. Olives are essential to Granada’s cuisine, both as a food and as a base for delicious Andalusian cooking.

Choto al ajillo

Tender goat meat, potatoes, garlic, and spices come together to create a mouth-watering and hearty stew called choto al ajillo. This dish is a staple in Granada and is especially popular during the colder months, as it is quote warm and filling. The nickname for goat in Granada is “choto,” hence the name of the dish. If you really want to try the best food in Granada, be sure not to miss this meaty dish!

Hungry to explore Granada? Join Food Lover Tour on a food tour to try the best food in Granada and eat like a local! We will take you to our favorite spots for local dishes, tapas, and drinks, all in good company. Join us for a culinary experience in Granada that you will never forget!