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5 Local & Best Gin Tonic Bars of Barcelona

Gin tonic at the Bobby Gin

Did you know?

In Spain, a variation on Gin Tonic has become popular, which differs from the traditional cocktail because it is served in big balloon glasses with plenty of ice. The drink can be fruit-based but the use of herbs and vegetables, which are reflecting the Gin botanicals, are increasingly popular. These new trendy variations of the Gin Tonic have led to the establishment of various Gin Tonic bars in Barcelona, where customers can choose their preferred special variation of the original classical cocktail. Here are some of the best gin tonic bars with a local feel in Barcelona.



Old Fashioned Cocktail-Bar

This old fashioned Cocktail Bar is a MUST for cocktail & Gin Tonic lovers. The environment is spiced up with jazz music, Charleston, and old 80s style. Alongside this you will find a wide range of spirits and cocktails. Be ready to do some time traveling!





Bobby Gin

Bobby Gin is a modern, comfortable and high quality bar, specializing in gin-tonics. It therefore offers a choice of national and international premium brands. If you are a beginner in the world of gin, you will have many great options to discover your new favorite.





El Ciclistabar

This cocktail bar is run by the duo Fernando Oviedo and Santi Mosquera, located in the heart of the Vila de Gracia. You’ll find a great selection of cocktails and spirits,which include the world’s best gins, as well as fruit cocktails and classic Manhattan cocktails. They have some of the best gin tonics in Barcelona, so you can’t go wrong.





Dry Martini

Dry Martini is the cocktail bar of Barcelona that has become an icon in the cocktail universe. Included on the list of the 50 best bars in the world and being the only Spanish representative, the owners can celebrate that they have been nominated for 7 years in a row.





Boca Chica

With the landmark of Lázaro Rosa Violán, Boca Chica is an elegant, refined and spacious cocktail bar for the coolest people in Barcelona with some of the best gin tonics. Located in the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample, it connects Africa to Europe and New York to Barcelona.