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5 Food Trends for 2016 by Food Lover Tour

Are you a pasta or a seafood lover? We have a wide range of options on our Tapas Lover Tour

1. All goes small – Tapas Style stays trendy

“Less is more”. Sharing small portions with authentic and strong flavours will also be an important Trend for 2016. Menus are getting shorter, dining rooms are getting smaller and Restaurants focus more and more on what the customers search for.

An unforgettable experience of special tastes while sharing food together with friends in a local atmosphere.

2. Smoked Flavours

Restaurants have increasingly been discovering the trend of serving smoked vegetables, cheeses, as well as smoked fish and vegetarian meat substitutions like tofu. So the smoking is definitely not anymore just limited to the well-known ham and salmon dishes. With new technologies, the chefs offer now a day for their customers entertaining ways of showing different kinds and entertaining ways of smoking food.

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3. Exotic Food Pairings

The combinations of unexpected flavours like octopus with white beans in green curry sauce or Salmon served smoked with a bit of Caramel paired with delicious Avocado Cream are just two examples of successful exotic food Pairings. The world famous Catalan Chef Ferran Adrià, is, without doubt, one of the most important Trendsetter for discovering the secrets of successful food pairings. This trend is set to become huge and goes together with our first Trend and underlines that small portions are going mainstream.


4. Peruvian Cuisine

In 2016, the classical Peruvian dishes like the famous ceviche, will increase popularity and continue to spread out in the international world of Gastronomy. The incredible variety of Peruvian dishes with it´s different ethnic influences is producing more and more attention far beyond the borders of Latin America. The famous chef Gastón Acurio forms definitely an important part of this Trend and counts to the most important influencers of the international Cuisine.

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5. Street food/food trucks

In the last few years, the modern mobile cuisine of the food trucks has gained respect and became extremely popular. The number of food trucks Events here in Spain as well as worldwide is still continuously increasing. The relatively low start-up costs of food trucks have given already many young entrepreneurs the possibility to open up their first restaurants on.