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Valencia Morning Food Tour

The Local “Esmorzaret Valenciano” Brunch Tapas Tour in Valencia!

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Person in a private group
Adult 12+
Child 2-11

Sample the best Tapas on our Market & Brunch Tapas Tour in Valencia

tomate-food-loverMornings in the city are fascinating because they always show you the most authentic aspect of how its inhabitants live in their hometown. Having a local brunch called almuerzo is a social activity shared by almost all people in Valencia. “Almorzar” is a gastronomic tradition that defines what Valencia is like and what its people are like: an irreducible village, proud of its culinary localisms! This unique cultural custom is explained more in detail by our local experts during this tour.

First, we begin our tapas brunch in Valencia at exactly the peak time for many cafés, and we start our peregrination with a unique, and most typical, local breakfast. To continue the adventure we will discover Valencia’s old stores and taste their fresh products, visit the emblematic central market (Mercado Central) where we will eat Iberian ham, olives, cheese and wine from the region. Then, we will go to a local bar where we will sample an authentic almuerzo/brunch as the Valencianos do: the iconic Esmorzaret! To finish up after these very different experiences we end up with a must-do local tradition, the delicious “Orchata”!

We have designed this adventure to show you the way locals live and interact in the city through the spectrum of food. At each stop of our market brunch tour, you taste an important element of the cuisine of Valencia and Spain. You also learn about the families and history behind each of the cafe, grocery shop and restaurant that you visit.

If you have just arrived in town this is a perfect introduction to the Spanish gastronomy, the essentials of Valencia and the local culture. More than a tour, we will live a cultural, walking and gastronomic tour in the same experience. By the end of the adventure, you’ll know exactly why “Esmorzaret Valenciano” culture in the morning can’t exist outside of Valencia (so you’ll have to come back!).

Closing dates

Holiday closures: Dec 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st and Jan 1st, Fallas de Valencia