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Istanbul Markets Food Tour: Europe to Asia

Visit the best of Istanbul's food markets on our tour - travel across two continents in one day

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Adult Ages 12+
Child Ages 4- 11


Come and take a seat at the table in the city of two continents on our Istanbul markets tour! The present-day cosmopolitan life of Istanbul is all thanks to its geographical location. Despite the cultural revolutions that have occurred over the centuries, the backstreets, markets, and food mean a lot to locals. For the people of Istanbul, these roads are not just daily routes, but also the source of their local cuisine. Locals visit these shops and markets to make their meals, and buy their “meze”s from these delicatessens when hosting for dinner guests.

This tour offers you a tasty 5 hours accompanied by the gentle breeze of the city. Your authentic culinary experience begins from the moment you meet your guide. You’ll start with a stroll through the lively hipster backstreets of the Karakoy area, visit a fish market on the European side, and take a ferry with your local guide to the Kadikoy district on the Asian side. Local vendors, charcuteries suppliers, merchants, and fishermen will greet you along the way.

During this tour, you will not only taste local food but also gain insider information about the blended culture of the Turkish Mediterranean, Eastern, and Western styles.

Let’s discover Karay’s Village and Blind Men’s Land in Istanbul together! This tour is for sharing a meal with new and old faces – even making friends for life. Join us at this colorful, culinary table.

Holiday closures: December 24th, 25th, 31st and January 1st