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The Bifana: a Lisbon Food Essential and Where to Try it

The Bifana: a Lisbon Food Essential and Where to Try it

If you’re hungry in the Portuguese capital, there’s only one Lisbon food you need: a bifana! This local favorite just might be the best sandwich in Lisbon, and for good reason. Eating at least one bifana is an absolute must when you’re in the city to discover its local cuisine. If you’re getting hungry, keep reading to discover everything about this Portuguese delicacy!

What is a bifana?

A Lisbon food that you must try is the bifana!

Photo by mmmyoso on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND

So what exactly is a bifana, you ask? Imagine a bread roll that’s perfectly crusty on the outside and light and fluffy within. Stuffed inside are thin, juicy slices of pork that were marinated with garlic, spices, and white wine and then cooked to perfection. Usually, yellow mustard or chili sauce top it off for an extra kick. This sandwich is savory, filling and even a little bit greasy, which makes it the perfect Lisbon food of choice after a night out. Pair a bifana with a classic Portuguese beer and you’re in for a real culinary experience!

Bifanas give you a nice bang for your buck and are readily available all over Lisbon. This sandwich may vary a bit from restaurant to restaurant, but you can expect the basics to remain the same. So where should you go to get the best pork sandwiches in the Portuguese capital? Here are a few of the local favorites you’ll fall in love with at first bite!

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O Trevo

Your first stop on the bifana route should be O Trevo, a Lisbon food haven when comes to these sandwiches. The late, great Anthony Bourdain described the bifanas here as “hot, porky love.” With an endorsement like that, you know you can’t go wrong. The locals in the Chiado neighborhood know this is where you need to go to get your fill on pork slathered in mustard and chili oil. Cheap, satisfying, and a real taste of Lisbon!

Address: Praça Luís de Camões 48

Casa das Bifanas

The best bifanas in Lisbon are waiting for you!

Photo by Trevor.Huxham on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Next up is Casa das Bifanas where the name says it all. The locals swear by this spot which is often filled with a mix of neighborhood residents and tourists. The service is quick which makes Casa das Bifanas a great place to stop for a snack or pick-me-up during a day of sightseeing. If you’re on the hungrier side, scope out the menu and try some other local specialties like pasteles de nata or prego sandwiches!

Address: Praça da Figueira 6

Café Beira Gare

If you’re looking for a restaurant that has a bit more variety of Lisbon food, try Café Beira Gare. The bifanas are absolutely delicious and what put this spot on the map. Some other local specialties are the octopus salad and several rice dishes. It’s just a hop away from Casa das Bifanas so if you’re feeling extra hungry you could grab a bifana from each and do a taste test!

Address: Praça Dom João da Câmara 4

As Bifanas Do Afonso

Bifanas are the best Lisbon food!

Photo by keoshi on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Locals love As Bifanas Do Afonso for its porky delights that always please. Don’t expect to come and sit down as this place is generally standing-room only. Order your tasty bifana on their famous crusty bread, squirt on some mustard, and enjoy! If you’re looking for a simple bifana at an unbeatable price, this is it. For just 2 euros, you can eat like a king and enjoy Lisbon food just like a local.

Address: R. da Madalena 146

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