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Porto Gourmet & Wine Tour

Quick Details

Adult 13+ years old

Join us for an elegant, authentic and delicious gourmet experience

The perfect tour for those looking to have an elegant, authentic and delicious gourmet experience that they would never have found by themselves.

This fabulous evening tour will start with two stops known to locals for their delicious food and lively, genuine atmosphere. You will instantly be immersed in the city’s culture and learn about fun, insightful facts about its history and character.

In the first stop, located near Clérigos and Carlos Alberto square, we will sample delicious cold petiscos and a refreshing Green wine. Locals usually go to this area to enjoy in a unique atmosphere, and you will soon find out why. In keeping with our focus to only present you with the best of the local gastronomy, our second stop offers traditional high-quality gourmet products, making sure the experience is not only truly authentic and organic, but 100% sustainable.

And we’re saving the best for last: Our third and final stop will take place at one of Porto’s most high-end restaurants, where the carefully designed menu will make you think of Porto’s gastronomy in a completely different way. The freshest products in the expert hands of a passionate chef in love with Porto’s culinary tradition, perfectly paired with Portugal’s exquisite, award-winning wines. An evening you will not forget, guaranteed.