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Madrid Brunch Tapas Tour

Most complete tapas brunch food tour in Madrid

Quick Details

Adult 12+ years old
Child 2 - 11 years old

The Authentic Madrid Tapas Brunch

Our Authentic Madrid La Latina Tapas Brunch is a new concept adventure recommended for foodies who want to try different traditions and several kind of tapas in just one tour. It includes 5 stops and 3 ways to enjoy.

This is the perfect way to know about Madrid’s gastronomy. Three food and drink traditions in a row! This interesting all in one tour can’t be missed if you are in the capital of Spain.

Our walking La Latina Tapas Brunch tour, will teach you about the history and culture of Madrid meanwhile you try grocery spanish pearls. You will also learn what and how locals love to eat and their favorite culinary traditions.

Don’t forget about the drinks! All these tapas deserve to be paired with a worthy drink, so you’ll be trying delicious local wines that pair perfectly with the food on our La Latina Tapas Brunch tour. Other drinks are also provided as an alternative, of course.